A downloadable epic battle for Windows

This is a 2 palyers battle game. The player 1 is the blue on and the palyer 2 is the red one.

Each player has to make the other to fall of the stage five time.

There are also some pick up items to help the players to develop their strategy. One item is to give to the player wing to have extra jumps on the air and the other one is a rocket which push the opponent out of the stage. If someone falls to the water looses a live and starts again from the first place.

 Player 1 game controls:            Player 2 game controls:

Move: W,A,S,D                                 Move: Key-(Up, Down,Left,Right)

Jump: Space                                       Jump: Right-Ctrl

There are Invisible walls to prevent the palyers go away from the stage. 


Documentation.pdf 97 kB
Epic Battle.zip 14 MB